If our Govt toppled, won’t allow opponents to rule: Saad Rafique


Politics of robots have always harmed Pakistan


Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Muhammad Saad Rafique on Saturday said that four or five months of PML-N government are left and if opponents succeed to topple our government today and it is possible the opponents could come in government after toppling our government but they should keep in mind we are also not so good that we will allow them to rule the country.
While talking to media persons after inaugurating a business office in Lahore, Saad Rafique said we would not quit the ideology of civil supremacy and supremacy of constitution at any cost. He said a politician who refuses to hold negotiations or talk about quick march he could be everything but not a politician. He said making and breaking political parties will not bring any results as all these experiments have been failed in Pakistan.
Saad Rafique said that the Pakistan Muslim League-N is the biggest political party of the country, adding that PPP, PTI and other political groups carried out separate efforts but they failed to defeat PML-N. He said the opponents think that they should join hands to defeat PML-N. He said some opponents even could make alliance with the Satan to defeat PML-N.
He said that the era of anti-Bhutto and pro-Bhutto politics have passed in country and now from a long time pro-Nawaz Sharif and anti-Nawaz Sharif politics is being done in Pakistan. Saad Rafique said that this phase will continue in country, adding that ideologically PML-N believes in supremacy of the constitution and sanctity of vote. He said all institutions including parliament, judiciary, armed forces and different institutions of civil bureaucracy should work under the ambit of the law and constitution and should not violate constitutional limits.
He said four martial laws have been imposed in Pakistan, adding that talking about the supremacy of the constitution in Pakistan is easy but for this certain price has to pay. Saad Rafique said we, our leader and party have paid this price and are paying this price happily.
Saad said our coalition partners are also present and they are doing politics jointly with us and we are praying for holding the elections in country on time. He said making alliances is the right of our opponents, adding that the objection is raised at the time when lie is spoken and objection is raised when politics is done on the name of religion and on the name of protection of respect of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said this should be avoided. He said holding public gatherings and criticism is the right of the opponents if they did not speak lie. He said if the opponents will avoid speaking lies then the democracy could move forward in Pakistan.
Saad Rafique said that Asif Ali Zardari is very clever person but there are problems of Asif Zardari. He said there are many weak points of Zardari, adding that there are many corruption cases against Asif Zardari. He said PPP has melted and PPP has become the party of rural Sindh and we are not happy over this situation. He said that the society faces loss when the political parties are melted. He said that there is contest between PPP and PTI that who abuses in better way and who levels big allegation for securing anti-PML-N votes. He said in this way our opponents while crossing limits instead of harming PML-N start harming Pakistan and democratic system.
Saad Rafique said we ask our friends of PPP to hold more and more public gatherings in Punjab as the public gatherings of PPP are in benefit of PML-N.
He said that there are some political characters and some are non-political characters, adding that there are some robots. He said Chaudhry brothers are also robots in politics, adding that a political party of Karachi also acknowledges that it is robot, adding that the politics of robots have always harmed Pakistan. Saad Rafique said he did not now how many people are keeping these remote controls.
He said Tahirul Qadri should understand the circumstances and it would be better if Tahirul Qadri will make his own decisions. He said 10 persons were killed in Model Town incident but this matter would be decided in the court. He said Justice Baqir Najfi report has no legal impact, adding that the courts should be allowed to decide the cases. He said courts have delivered judgments against governments and also delivered judgments in favour of governments, adding that the court decisions are accepted. He said disturbing the lives of people through staging protest is dirty politics and dirty politics should not be done.
He said PPP has become clear hurdle in carrying out the constitutional amendment of delimitations for holding next elections on time, adding that PPP is hesitating to vote in favour of the amendment in Senate. He said if the constitutional amendment regarding delimitation is not carried out then the elections could be delayed and it could not be predicted for how long time the elections will be delayed. He said a person who calls himself a leader he talks about quick march, adding that this person should be asked from where he receives news, adding that this kind of people should be ashamed of. He said that these people are elected through securing votes but they like quick march. —Sabah

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