Govt to ban factories producing substandard cylinders

Kaswar Klasra


Irfan Khokhar, chairman Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distributors Association, has long been knocking at the doors of concerned authorities to take action against factories producing substandard cylinders. His only mission was to save hundreds of lives falling prey to substandard cylinders. Irfan Khokhar alleges that hundreds of factories, operating across country are manufacturing substandard cylinders, which are grave threat to precious lives. He has been holding meetings concerned authorities across the country mobilising them to take action against such factories. His years-long effort seems yielding fruit. The government has not only decided to ban factories producing substandard cylinders but also set up 60 LPG plants in far flung areas of Balochistan, Gilgit and Kashmir to provide gas to the consumers.
Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi stated this while addressing second LPG conference held here on Tuesday. The conference was organized by LPG Dealers Association. He also stressed on Tuesday to maintain a balance between locally produced and imported Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to maintain a balance in prices to boost LPG industry.
Margins should be reasonable to benefit all, he said adding that present government had decided to set up 60 LPG air mix plants in the country to address the issues of gas transmission lines in far flung areas of Balochistan, Gilgit and Kashmir. He said that one LPG plant would be set up in each zone of these areas.
He said that growth in LPG industry was evident and this was first government that had not given LPG quota. He sought suggestions to improve LPG industry. He said that there had been growth in LPG imports and said that there was a need to maintain a balance between prices of locally produced and imported LPG.
He also emphasized on improving quality of LPG standards to ensure safety of consumers. He said that LPG industry was witnessing growth during last few years. He urged the LPG industry to cooperate with the government to resolve issues.
He said that there was no role of petroleum ministry in determine LPG prices and said that Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) regulates prices.
He said that gas supply in the country had improved and gas load shedding was gradually reducing.He said that industry was getting continued gas supply. He said that country used to import one million ton fertilizer but it was being exported now due to gas supply to fertilizer plants.
He claimed that Pakistani consumers were getting petrol at lowest rates compared to the world.
Chairman LPG dealers Association Irfan Khokhar said that LPG industry was going well but intervention of Ogra in prices had caused a serious blow to the industry. He claimed that LPG industry had suffered a loss of are 30 million so far. He said that intervention of the regulator would hurt investment in LPG industry. He said that imports had come to halt due to this and consumers may face shortage of products in coming months that would lead to another crisis.

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