Govt taking steps for constructing dams: Shafiq

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The rapid decrease in availability of water has assumed an alarming situation, therefore, we have to increase the storage capacity of water reservoirs at public and private level to meet the challenge of water scarcity.
This was stated by Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, Chairman, National Council of Social Welfare while addressing a seminar organized by the National Council of Social Welfare titled
“The International Water Day and Our Social Responsibilities”. Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik chaired the seminar, and Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources was the chief guest. In his presidential address, Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik said that Pakistan was among most water stressed countries.
He said, “Life cannot exist without water, therefore, it is very necessary to spread awareness among people to prevent water wastage.” Dr Nadeem said that our economy cannot make progress without constructing water reservoirs.
The chaiman said, “In 1947, the availability of water was 8182 cubic meter per person which has decreased upto 1032 cubic meter in 2017.”
Dr Nadeem said that the government has taken many steps for construction of new dams. Pakistan is blessed with many rivers which have ample amount of water in the rainy season. “If we can store the water properly, we can improve our economy as well as yields of crops. But it is very unfortunate, people are less aware about efficient use of water.”
Besides other speakers Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman PCRWR, Syed Naseer Gillani, Chief Water Planning Commission, Syed Gulzar Hussain, Joint Secretary, Inter Provincial Coordination Division, Prof. Saeed Akbar, Department of Environmental Sociology, International Islamic University, Islamabad and Mr. Ajaz Ahmad, Managing Director, Partners in Sustainable Development in their lectures said that water was a precious wealth.
The future of Pakistan is related with the construction of new water reservoirs. The present government is taking various steps through which not only water will be preserved but also cheap electricity will be generated. Among children Ansa Sania Zaman was awarded with a special shield on her excellent speech.

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