Govt should support Kashmiris movement, leave efforts to befriend India: Siraj


ISLAMABAD : Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq has urged the government to extend complete support to the liberation struggle of Kashmiris in accordance with the sentiments of the nation and give up all efforts to befriend India.


Addressing the Azad Kashmir JI Shoora here on Saturday, Sirajul Haq said that while India was continuing its unlawful occupation of Held Kashmir and eight lakh Indian troops were busy in the Kashmiris’ carnage, the rulers in Islamabad were rubbing salt on the wound of Kashmiris by talking of friendship with India.


He said that India had been sending its agents like Kulbhushan Yadev for subversive activities in the country. Therefore, the government should abandon her apologetic attitude on the Kashmir issue.


The JI chief said that India, at the behest of the US, was busy in provocations against this country and there was firing at the border and the LoC causing heavy losses.  The situation demanded a befitting reply from this side as soft policy could never work, he added.


Sirajul Haq further said that the government was adding to its problems by touching sensitive issues like that of the Khatme Nabuwat and promoting hatred and biases. He said that the government was expected to represent the nation, the country’s constitution and the Pakistan ideology.


He said that Pakistan was an Islamic state and the commitment of its rulers should be with Islam and Pakistan. However, he said, when some individuals and families thought themselves above the state, the things were bund to go astray.


The JI chief said that the independence of Kashmir was a part of our faith and the Kashmiris were fighting the war of the completion of Pakistan. Therefore, he said, the liberation of Kashmir should be at the top of the Foreign Ministry’s agenda.


Sirajul Haq said that Pakistan was the country of 210 million lovers of the Holy Prophet and if the government did not respect their sentiments, a reaction among the masses was quire natural.  He said that the government should not only seek an apology from the nation but also determine who was behind the conspiracy and award them a deterrent punishment to cool down the masses.

Originally published by INP

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