Govt spending public funds at Lahore leaving nothing for rural area: Elahi

Sher Gondal

Mandi Bahauddin

Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior central leader, former Punjab Chief Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has said that rulers are responsible for all crises, chaos, violence, terrorism and deteriorating law and order situation in country. He was addressing a huge public gathering mostly attended by farmers, ex-servicemen and laborers at Saida Sharif, a village situated on outskirts of Phalia. He said Mian brothers were spending public funds at Lahore leaving nothing for the rural area.
He said they have burdened Punjab under heavy debts and their policies are anti people. Health facilities were not functioning properly and the patients are dying for lack of treatment and medicines. Doctors, paramedical staffs including nurses remain on strikes. He said the rulers have no fear of God in their hearts and they were depriving people of their legitimate rights.
He said he when Punjab CM built new tertiary hospital in Mandi district but during past 10 years it had not been completed. Similarly he built hospital at Wazirabad and three modern hospitals at Lahore but the present rulers did not make them functional. He said they were busy to shift national wealth to foreign lands and they also get admission in London hospital for medical treatment on public expense. Counting his achievement during his tenure as Punjab CM he said the government paid half electric bills of farmers and increased water supply for irrigation purposes.
Water channels were brick lined to avoid wastage of irrigation water. He said distributed laser levelers among the farmers and ended Abyana tax. Commenting kisan package of Punjab Govt he said it is consumed by patwaries and nothing is left for benefit of farmers. He said during his tenure wheat and paddy was procured by government and farmers economy improved. But now their main crops like wheat and paddy were going in loss.
He said he raised Rescue 1122 and established police check posts to make journey safe on roads. For traffic control he recruited traffic wardens.

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