Govt sets target to produce 4.262m tons of meat

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Government has set a target to produce about 6.262 million tons of meat during the year 2017-18 in order to fulfill the domestic meat requirements of meat. It has set to enhance domestic meat production by 13.89 percent during the financial year 2017-18 to tackle with the domestic meat consumption, said an official in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research. He said that beef production targets were fixed at 2.155 million tons by increasing the average production to 9.74 percent.
He said that during the period under review, about 717,000 tons of mutton would be produced by enhancing the existing production capacity to 5.88 percent.
During the financial year, 2017-18, poultry production target were fixed at 34.33 percent and to be produce about 1.391 million tons of poultry meat for domestic consumption, he added.
He said the government in its 11th annual development programme has also fixed to enhance milk production by 9.24 percent, egg production by 17.14 percent and fisheries by 3.71 percent.
Under the Plan, an investment of Rs 60 billion would be made in major areas of investment including productivity increase through genetic improvement, supporting feed lot fattening of large and small ruminants and development of meat processing and marketing infrastructure.

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