Govt running propaganda against Pakistan abroad

Nawaz will not take U-turn when he speaks: Ashan

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Former minister for interior Ahsan Iqbal on Thursday, talking to newsmen, said that the PTI-led government was ‘running a propaganda against Pakistan abroad’.
He made these comments a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Malaysia where the premier had mentioned that his government has found itself in a situation where it was facing ‘unprecedented debt’.
‘We fear that this propaganda being run by the government will negatively impact the efforts made by our government over the past five years,’ Iqbal said while addressing the media in Karachi Thursday.
‘I was the minister in-charge of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and I challenge Imran Khan to use the National Accountability Bureau and the Federal Investigation Authority to bring weight to his claims that CPEC projects were not transparent. Tell us where corruption took place in CPEC projects,’ Iqbal prodded during his talk.
‘When you [Imran Khan] went to China, you praised the CPEC projects greatly, you said that the energy projects under CPEC are going to help Pakistan greatly. However, here [in Pakistan] you stood in the assembly and flung mud on the project we had started under it.’
‘Who do you stand with? Are you with Pakistan and CPEC or are you with this nation’s opponents who want to make the project controversial so that it fails.
Responding to a question regarding former premier Nawaz Sharif’s ‘silence’, the PML-N leader said, ‘He has been standing in front of you and speaking. We all are Nawaz Sharif, he is no ordinary party worker and when he speaks there will be no U-turn.’
Further, he said that they do not want to create an environment where the ‘incumbent government can convince people the opposition is not allowing them to do their work’. ‘We want the government to fulfill its promises made to the people,’ he stressed.
‘Imran is trying hard that he becomes a political martyr and say that the opposition is pulling his legs. But if we wanted to do that then we would have fueled protests like you did during the Faizabad sit-in. We want to give you a chance so people can see who you truly are,’ he added.
‘For the first time opposition is asking the government to work but it is not,’ Iqbal asserted. ‘Our hands are clean and we will not be scared away by your threats and if you think that you will be able to hide your own incompetence behind the veil of our arrests, then you are wrong.
‘A man who had not even run a union council has been made the prime minister through a conspiracy and we will prove to the nation that an inexperienced person will remain an anaari (inexperienced),’ Iqbal continued.

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