Govt to promote inter-faith harmony: Yousaf


Federal Minister of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf has said that the PML-N government is taking all steps to ensure interfaith harmony and all minorities are enjoying full rights in Pakistan. In an interview with APP in Washington on Sunday, Sardar Yousaf said that any assertion that minorities are not enjoying rights in Pakistan was a mere propaganda and added that those making such allegations should look at Pakistan’s neighbor India where minorities are facing worst kind of repression.
The Minister referred to the plight of Muslims in India and said they have been killed on mere suspicious of eating cow’s meat. Here in Pakistan, the Minister said, the government has officially declared 10 holidays for minorities, including Hindus, Buddhist and Christian, to celebrate their holy festivals. Sardar Yousaf said that some people had forcibly seized the possession of Hindu mandirs in the KPK province, but the government not only vacated the illegal possession but also provided money for its renovation.
He said that the government attaches high priority to the minorities’ rights which is also evident from the fact that the Ministry of Interfaith Harmony and the Religious Affairs had been merged. The Minister said that the government had invited some 26 people in 2016 from different faiths to promote harmony among different religions.—APP

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