Govt, PPP deadlock on mily court persists


Sophia Siddiqui


The deadlock between the government and the PPP still persist even after the two round of dialogues here on Monday at chamber of National Assembly Speaker. Despite the deadlock, both sides decided to continue the talks and the meeting will meet today.
Later talking to media Aitzaz Ahsan. People’s Party’s senior leader warns government about sit in outside the Parliament House.
He added that the deadlock yet prevailed with government and final result would come after negotiations .
The impression that was given about withdrawal of two point by people’s party was wrong, said Aitzaz Ahsan. He clarified that PPP stands by its nine point proposals. He further said that if there would be consensus than it would be based on package and the case is not inter connted with the decision of Panamacase.
Later, during informal talks with media the Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq stated that negotiations are continue with the opposition for the revival of military courts.
We are closely talking and negotiating every points even a coma or dot to reach a consensus, said the Speaker. He added that there is no chance of conveying of joint parliamentary session on the issue. PPP decided to discuss the matter of with heads of the party for further consultations and meeting will be held on the reply of the party head.
Earlier, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in an interview had said the government was working on a road map to expand the National Action Plan (NAP) and judicial reforms to prepare a parallel system before the period of military courts ended.
The federal minister insisted that the matter was “a national issue and would thus be resolved with the consensus of all political parties”.
Military courts have been an issue of conflict between the government and the opposition.
The primary concern of critics is the mystery surrounding military court trials: no-one knows who the convicts are, what charges have been brought against them, or what the accused’s defence is against the allegations levelled.
Ealrier, the lawmakers of major political parties announced that they had agreed to reinstate military courts for another two years.

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