Govt not to endorse demand of SLMC for province: Minister

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Colombo—Sri Lankan Muslim Congress (SLMC) Chairman and parliamentarian Mr.Basheer Segu Dawood’s demand foor a separate Muslim province won’t materialize as long as there is no merger between the North and East, there is absolutely no necessity for a separate Muslim Province in Sri Lanka” said Sri Lanka’s Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils Mr.Faizer Mustapha.
The SLMC had been making a demand for a separate Muslim Provice for over a decade.
The Northern Provincial Council controlled by the Tamil National Alliance comprising of several Tamil political parties including the pro-LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) is demanding the merger of North and Eastern Province since the formation of the provincial council system.
The Eastern Province has 30 percent fo Tamils while Muslims comprise 37 perecent and the rest are Sinhalese and others,
Minister Musthapa said the Government will not endorse the demand of the SLMC.
Meanwhile the “Kandy Forum” from the Central Province , abody of Muslim intellectuals has expressed its opposition to the merger of North and East. Another Muslim front headed by SLMC founder leader’s wife Ferial Ashraff has never demanded for a separate Muslim Provincil Council in the East as majority fo the population are non-Muslims.

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