Govt hospitals

Adnan Dost
Kech, Balochistan

Conditions in Government-run hospitals are very bad. Doctors don’t give proper attention to the patients. Crowds of poor patients rush to hospitals which the Administration is not able to manage properly. At government hospitals the remuneration of doctors is very low and, as such, they don’t take much interest in the treatment of patients. Rather, some of the doctors who are senior do not attend to their duties and prefer running private clinics.
There is also a major issue of fake medicines. Recently most of the people died because of spurious medicines, especially the people who suffer from heart issues. The government must constitute some special teams whose only task should be to check and apprehend such people who are involved in the business of sham medicines. The government should provide latest equipment to doctors and make the things better. Throughout Pakistan there is not a single government hospital which has pure water. Most of patients are forced to drink unhealthy water and then fall sick again. My request to the government of Pakistan is to improve the working of all public sector hospitals.

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