Govt should focus on education, health in next budget: Shura Hamdard

Staff Reporter

While addressing monthly Ijlas of Shura Hamdard Admiral Iftikhar Ahmad Sirohey and other members of Shura Hamdard said that budget 2018-19 can become according to the expectations of nation if government spends and focuses on the fields of Education, Health and Agriculture.
We are fully depending and promoting expectations from CEPEC but its actual benefits and results will come after its completion. For improving our economy we need to cut down our expenses and will have to leave luxurious life style.
Shura Hamdard Pakistan presented “Manifesto to the Nation” in 2009 which is now revised and carries suggestions for the betterment of country and its political, social, educational, agricultural and economic fields.
Prof. Niaz Erfan was the speaker of Ijlas and topic of the Ijlas was “qoumi budget 2018-19 beroni qarzon say nijat aur khud-inhesari ka ainadar, shura hamdard pakistan ki raye”.
National president Shura Hamdard Sadia Rashid said that government should form such policies that oversees employees happily bring foreign exchange to the country which will be helpful to raise our economy. Government should facilitate industry to achieve self-dependency and economic stability in the country.

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