Govt should call foreign envoys meet on Kashmir: Shaheen Alvi

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Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi, Secretary General Kashmir Peace Institute (KPI), drawing the latest gory picture of India-possessed Kashmir, has urged upon the Government of Pakistan to call an urgent meeting of the foreign ambassadors/envoys based in Islamabad to brief them on South Asia’s evolving situation fraught with dangers.
In a serious chat with a group of Kashmir refugees here on Friday afternoon he said that Kashmiris are not alone in their struggle for their political rights. The whole world backs them as I have travelled almost all countries and felt great pain in peoples every for suffering Kashmiri mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who have lost their kith and kins.
European Union had discovered 24,0000 unmarked graves in Kashmir. That had shaken the world from one end to the other. Prompt came a US spokesperson’s statement from Washington D.C. that the dispute over Jammu and Kashmir be settled sooner than later by negotiations between Pakistan and India. ‘It is our basic policy on Kashmir and we stick to it under all circumstances”.
Answering a question the Secretary General KPI said warned that destability in Afghanistan and in adjoining regions can direly affect Kashmir’s internal environment that can lead to a war between two neighbors – Pakistan and India. Kashmir is a question of rights of a people; it is not dispute over land;
He recalled that by August 12, 1947 Standstill Agreement Maharaja of Kashmir Harisingh had handed over Jammu and Kashmir whose total area is 88023 square miles to the sovereignty of Pakistan. Pakistan’s flags were hoisted on all principal public building in J&K on August 14, as part of celebrations. Srinagar GPO had started stamping envelope with Pakistan name. Those envelopes are still with the people of Kashmir, he reminded.
He suggested that in either parts of J&K there must be held People’s Gala, Women Fair, Students concord, teachers get together, music concert, traditional kabbaddis, etc.
These are the people’s social gestures that bind them in one bind.
He asked the AJK government to open the gates of their universities to the students from India-held Kashmir after satisfying them with security requirements.
He also asked the Srinagar administration to open their universities for AJK students to increase mutual trust and understanding.
Koreas are divided into two, but South Korea has 136 factories functioning in North Korea.
That give much lesson to all facing similar situation. Germany was divided but Germans were one. Let Kashmiris embrace one another across the Line of Control. A Day of Kashmir Union should be observed in either parts of the region.

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