Governor-designate Imran Ismail is acting like an emperor: PPP

Staff Reporter

PPP leader Saeed Ghani on Monday lashed out at Imran Ismail after the Sindh governor-designate threatened to demolish the walls of Bilawal House, the residence of PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.
“The way the governor-designate has started making statements, its seems that he has been made to believe as if he was an emperor, not a governor,” Ghani said in a press statement.
“Imran Ismail has neither any knowledge of powers of a provincial government nor he has any idea of responsibilities of a governor who happens to be a representative of the federal government,” he said. He urged the PTI’s Sindh leader to desist from acting like Sultan Rahi.
“Those who are talking about demolishing walls of Bilawal House will not be able to save their own respect,” he warned. All roads leading to Bilawal House were already open to traffic, he noted.
Drawing the PTI’s attention towards serious terror threats being faced by the PPP leadership, he said that Bilawal House was not only a building, it was the residence of former two-time prime minister and former President of Pakistan.
Imran Ismail has shown his childish behavior by talking about demolishing walls of the house which had played a pivotal role in Pakistani politics.
Ghani warned that if PTI did not change its way of politics, this could create a rift among federal units.

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