Governor, CM praise China for being at Pakistan’s back


Salahuddin Haider

Governor Muhammad Zubair, and chief minister Murad Ali shah showed praises on Peoples Republic of China at the latter’s 68th anniversary of their founding stating unambiguously how solidly, in a rock-like style Beijing stood behind Pakistan in our hours of trial and tribulations and helping us gain strength.
The occasion warranted much more than mere speeches, for the reception held by consul general Wang Yu to celebrate the occasion, was indeed impress in style and character. A lovely turn out of diplomats, business elite, media persons, and Mayor Waseem Akhtar, plus provincial ministers were there to share the joy of our great neighbhour.
Traditional ceremonies like national anthems of the two countries, cake cutting, and a massive one, was followed by lavish Chinese and Pakistani cuisine, which the invitees enjoyed to their heart’s delight. The consul general Wang Yu and his colleagues at the consulate deserve full praise and admiration for their tremendous input in making the function a roaring success.
Chief Minister Shah, traced back the history of step by step building of ties starting from the signing of the Sino-Pak border agreement in the 60s, then China’s open support to Pakistan in the war against India in 1965. Their defence minister Matial Chen yi had flown to Pakistan at the dead of night, defying aerial warfare during the war, to warn India for hands off to Pakistan. That statement alone won the hearts of the Pakistanis.
But while late Mr Bhutto deserved all credit for moving pursuing an independent foreign policy, by breaking the shackles of pressure brought under SEATO and Cento military aid, the real history of Pak-China could be traded back to 1955 when the then Pakistani prime minister Mohammad Ali Bogra met the great Chinese leader and Prime Minister Chou En-Lai at the Indonesia city of Bandung, shook g hands defying international pressure and invited China to be friend of Pakistan.

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