Government’s eroding authority

PUNJAB Government announced beginning of summer vacation in educational institutions of the province from May 17 in view of scorching heat in plains and the onset of the holy month of Ramazan. The order has been implemented in government educational institutions but private schools have refused to carry it out because of vested interests.
This happens almost every year but no satisfactory solution has been found and the problem so created adds to the woes of the students and their parents. The attitude of the Private Schools Association is totally unacceptable as it amounts to challenging authority of the government. Private schools have no concern about possible heat stroke for children and are only interested in collection of three months’ fee for summer vacation in one go which has been barred by the court but this verdict too is not being implemented by private schools. There are reports that the Punjab Government has decided to go for crackdown against those private schools that are adamant not to close down before June 8, as they have announced. In fact, this attitude is not confined to private schools alone as doctors, lawyers, transporters and other vested interests too have formed so-called associations and they go on strike or opt for violent protest whenever they so wish to protect their interests at the cost of general public. All this is indicative of the weakening of government’s authority which should be a source of concern for all.

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