Government taking steps to improve education level in country: Baligh


ISLAMABAD :Minister of State for Education Baligh Ur Rehman said on Wednesday that the Government has taken an initiative to improve the level of education across the country.Talking to Radio Pakistan the minister said, children are the most precious and valuable asset of the country and we are duty bound to concentrate on their rights. “Our literacy rate has gone up while the enrollment at the primary-level has also registered an increase”, he said, adding that child mortality rate has also been reduced. He, however stressed that the government has a long way to go to further improve these statistics. “Education is not something only between students and teachers. Parents, communities, society and other stakeholders should be involved in the process. This will bring productivity and improvement in education,” the minister said. “We want healthy competition between private and public schools for providing quality education to students,” he said.

Orignally published by APP

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