Government schools in Pakistan

Mehraj Altaf

It is very disheartening to mention that the government schools’ teachers are not imparting good education to the students. Unfortunately the government schools’ teachers are present just on one day, i.e. the salary day. They do not care about the life of the children, who are the future of our country but the teachers are destroying the future. It means that they are destroying our country.
The definition of the teacher that is given is “a motivator” but we should think about the all government schools in every corner of Pakistan. The teachers are not sincere to their duties and take them as a burden on them or they are just thinking about their children who are sent to another school to get better education and be able to make their future. But undoubtedly the teachers are killing the interest of reading in the students.
But still government does not check the teachers weather they are present in the school or not. They just come for marking their attendance and sign the attendance sheet and then skip away. The teachers of government schools are destroying the life and future of the next generation. The government should warn the teachers who are not sincere with their duties and if they don’t mend their ways, just get rid of them.
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