Government-Opposition show far-sightedness

PANAMA Papers exposed people around the world for owning offshore companies and the issue is being agitated in different parts of the globe but in Pakistan things were pushed to the brink by some vested interests and it was apprehended a few days back that something ominous might happen. In this backdrop, the decision of the Government and the Opposition to ultimately come to the negotiating table and agree on formation of a bipartisan Parliamentary Committee to frame consensus Terms of Reference for proposed probe into allegations of Panama Leaks.
It seems wisdom has dawned on major Opposition parties sans PTI whose chief is hell bent to destabilize the system for, as per general impression, his impatience to jump into the chair of Prime Minister through some short cut. He is single-mindedly pursuing the agenda of ousting Mian Nawaz Sharif, first on trumpeted charges of manipulating general elections 2013 and now on the pretext of Panama Papers despite the fact that name of the PM is nowhere there in Panama Papers. And above all, the Prime Minister has responded to all major issues that were raised and demands made by the Opposition and he threw the ball into the court of the Opposition by announcing formation of a Parliamentary panel for the purpose. However, at this too, the immediate reaction of PTI leader was reflective of rejectionist mindset and now again he is threatening to go into streets when other Opposition parties are giving preference to dialogue and discussion. Those trying to perpetuate turmoil must remember that people of Pakistan are weary of the politics of strikes, agitation and creating hurdles in the way of progress and development. Pakistan has suffered a lot due to political wrangling among parties for selfish interests and it is time all agree on the need to consolidate the system and focus on economy and development. However, Panama Papers have highlighted the issue of corruption and siphoning off national wealth and an effective mechanism must be evolved to stop this in future.

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