Goods transporters end strike

THANKS to keen interest shown by Sindh Governor
Muhammad Zubair and Provincial Transport Minister Nasir Hussain Shah the goods transporters finally called off their strike and as a consequence movement of goods to and from the Karachi port resumed after ten days. However, it will take several days to clear the backlog on the port where thousands of containers remained clogged during this period.
The resolution of the issue is a welcome development as there were genuine apprehensions that the strike would cause shortage of goods in the country, their black-marketing and price-hike. The situation was particularly worrisome because of Ramazan onset and Sindh government therefore deserves credit for sorting out the issue with protestors. However, there are reports that some segments of transporters still have some concerns and they are threatening to resume strike if injustice was done to them. Transporters might have genuine concerns but they should be mindful of the fact that ban on entry of heavy vehicles in Karachi city was imposed by Sindh High Court and that too from 6.00am to 11pm in the wake of increasing number of fatal accidents. Heavy vehicles were allowed to move through the bypass outside the city, for which three routes were fixed. Under these circumstances, transporters should have adopted a flexible attitude and sorted out the matter through negotiations rather than going for strike that inflicted losses worth billions of rupees besides disruption of import and export business. We hope that transporters would agree to a permanent arrangement that takes care of difficulties as well as threats to the citizens’ life.

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