Goodbye 2016

Zeeshan Nasir
Via email

Have we eliminated gender discrimination and some other social and religious bindings which are a severe barrier for the development of our country? I feel very depressed when I see Pakistan being the second major country in the world on the basis of gender inequality after Nepal.
Fortunately, health sector has witnessed a little bit improvement and now Pakistan ranks 124. In 2015, it stood at 125. Each province has a woman Minister but in case of Balochistan situation is totally different. Even women have proved their worth, then why they are being meted out step-motherly treatment.
It is a moment for introspection for all of us. Have we played our part to eradicate the bad practices in our society? Unless we do something collectively, no change could be brought to the society.
Great nations always learn from their past mistakes which they have committed and try to avert their repetition. Are we doing so? Situation is dismal!
Corruption, bribery, political and economical problems, poverty, malnutrition and many more are unheeded by our institutions. We all have to work shoulder to shoulders to save the country from the dangers so that we also become a part of a rising Asia. 2016 is going to end; we welcome 2017 with a pledge that we would double our efforts to make our country stronger so that its presence is felt in the region as well as around the world.

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