Good tidings!

?The political pundits and analysts? are misreading the growing popularity of Nawaz Sharif. Wherever he goes he is pulling large crowd/s. His workers off course love him and still consider him their leader. Large gatherings at the public meetings cannot be a sign of affirmation of his rhetoric Mujhe Keun Nikala. They interpret it as the success of his stance & confrontation policy.
I do not think so. He may be gaining some sympathy but no real term benefits. Taking it as selling of his message is too dangerous. Who is right or wrong has yet to be determined? The people have not spoken or given verdict either way. Best thing would be to wait for the General Election 2018.
He has no shame and keeps on harping on the same old tunes. The party is over. He is history. He knows fully well why he was disqualified but is just pretending that he doesn’t know it. His narrative is too weak to sell and gain any support of the masses.

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