Good finally wins..!

THERE’S a defeated man in the White House today! A bully who threatened to take away from the poor, that bit of health care they needed. It was nicknamed Obamacare, after the last president who’s heart was for the poor and downtrodden. But suddenly a brusque, uncouth, selfish man rose in the midst of a country known for its compassion, and vowed he would remove this program, which people estimated would leave 20,000 people dead.
Most Americans thought Obamacare would be thrown out. They knew the Republican party had a majority in the Senate. But, and here’s the big but that matters, if you want ‘Good’ to win, then decide to fight nevertheless. Those who fought, fought quite often a lonely battle. Why? Not because others were less compassionate.
No, its because the majority of people don’t want to get involved. They are too busy fighting other issues in their daily lives, and feel they don’t need to involve themselves with stuff they feel does not concern them. Those are the people you need to target to make ‘good’ win! They form the majority. But they are also difficult to budge, “Leave me alone!” they cry,
“We don’t have time to fight such issues!”
They do have the time, but they don’t have the inclination. You have that. You have been blessed with it. Very often I wonder, why I fight issues which do not concern me, and I realize that quite a few of us, are blessed with a deeper, emotional feeling. An anger against injustice. A passion to fight wrong. When blessed with such a God given gift, our duty is to use it.
The world has names for such people. Activist! They will call you. Troublemaker! You may be labelled. Let them call you such. What you have is a laser beam eye, that spots injustice, and a temperament that reacts.
But, now the difficult task is to move the stubborn who don’t want to get involved. How? Now stop using emotion, and use logic. Show them how one day they also can get affected. When I visited the Holocaust Museum, I saw that initially most Germans thought it was okay about Jews being hounded till they realized that each one of them was next on the list. Show people that. Win them over.
The battle is long. You’ll be wounded and hurt. But it is you who keep the world safe. Trump must have watched with surprise, then shock as three of his own senators, crossed the floor and voted against him. Good finally wins. The fight was long. The fight is long, but don’t give up. Good wins..!

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