Good economic performance

PAKISTAN Economic Survey, launched on Thursday, claimed that the economy grew at a rate of almost 5.79% against the set target of 6% during the past fiscal year, achieving the highest growth rate in 13 years. Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal and Advisor on Finance Miftah Ismail pointed out on the occasion that the national kitty was empty when the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) took over the reins in 2013 and that the government successfully addressed the challenges of energy shortage, economic turmoil and terrorism, which gave a boost to the economy.
The incumbent government has really something to celebrate as it completes it tenure in May 2018 as it is leaving the economy in much better shape than what PPP had left in 2013. There is also substance in the claim made by Ahsan Iqbal that government could have achieved the target of 6% had the impediments not stopped the economic march of the government. Sit-ins, protests, lock downs, strikes and political instability, no doubt, affected the pace of socio-economic development. The government did its part well and its policies and performance were visible not only to people of Pakistan but also acknowledged by international financial institutions and lending agencies. These policies as well as timely initiation of CPEC would have produced results beyond imagination but unfortunately political opponents of the government did not allow it to rule with concentration. One can imagine the state of economy when the man who gave the development vision was disqualified and the Finance Minister who addressed economic woes of the country had to see a premature exit. The trend is continuing even when the government is about to complete its term and on the day the Survey was launched, incumbent Foreign Minister Kh. Muhammad Asif was disqualified by the Islamabad High Court. Government Ministers and senior officials of various ministries and departments are incessantly summoned and questioned by the judiciary on almost daily basis making it almost next to impossible to deliver as per manifesto and vision of the ruling party. Political instability, uncertainty and chaos would do more harm to the country and therefore, all stakeholders may review their postures.

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