Good-bye to water

Absence of water is so scary to even think of, isn’t it? How can we say good-bye to something without which we cannot live for more than three days? The contemporary situation related to water is too horrible to imagine. We are so unmindful when it comes to saving water – precious blessing of nature.
It has become our contractual obligation to put the blame of every failure over the government, but the wastage of water expresses our collapse in our personal life. The tragic reality is that our elders have also forgotten their responsibility. They are also the part of this whole wastage-game. Wasting water is our failure to comprehend the natural duties that we owe to environment. According to research conducted by Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), about 84 percent of the whole population in Pakistan is having no access to clean water. Those who have access to it are busy using it recklessly.
The future trends with regard to water are not in favour of Pakistan. We as a nation have failed to bank and utilize it as it should have been. Some surveys have concluded that by 2025, there will be no water in Pakistan and it will become purely a water-scarce country. Now, there are only two options: save money to buy mineral water in time to come or to save it, use it fittingly and join hands with the government to guarantee its availability for an unforeseeable future. The first option is not even close to actuality, and the subsequent one is apposite for all of us and most important of all, it is the need of the hour and the most effectual one.

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