Golden traditions

Zohaib A Qureshi

Armed Forces of Pakistan are the most disciplined forces and have evolved and developed many golden traditions over the years. It is quite appreciable that these traditions are sincerely, dedicatedly and religiously adhered to and followed with determination by one and all from top to bottom. Change of the command in a smooth manner without any hassle is one of these golden traditions. Command of the Pakistan Army has changed hands from General Raheel Sharif to General Qamar Hayat Bajwa only a few days back and all is going well on all fronts in a commendable manner.
Several weeks ahead of the command change, many analysts had been saying and writing all sorts of things in print and electronic media indulging in speculation and spreading rumours without having adequate and essential information and background of issues they were talking and guessing about.
In all fairness, it is rather not comprehensible as to why they do such speculations and rumour mongering without having proper and requisite background of the matter they are dilating on. Needless to mention here that their negative observations and remarks not only create bad impression among the people but also tool to the enemies of the nation and country to exploit such a situation.
Besides the print and electronic media, the political leaders are also expected to be quite responsible while criticizing the government and shun passing such remarks which amount to damaging supreme national interests both directly and indirectly.
It is a matter of record that many years back prior to influx of private TV Channels, all matters concerning, pertaining and relating to national security and defence matters were not touched at all by the media obviously in the larger national interests. But the situation in this respect has quite considerably changed which is certainly and surely not liked and appreciated by elderly patriotic persons like this scribe who attach more importance to national interests than anything else. They do believe in freedom of press but also want everyone to be responsible and avoid dilating in any manner on sensitive national security and defence matters.

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