God’s idiot..!

FROM balcony of hotel room in rural Ratnagiri, I saw the idiot. He walked up and down the road downstairs, there was smile on face though addressed to no one. He wore simple clothes, clean yet not the latest fashion and with stick in hand chased cows and dogs away from shops and garbage dumps.
He saw me watching and waved stick at me, I waved back. “Good Morning,” he shouted and I saw the people below looking up. I felt self-conscious, the idiot didn’t. He walked to an Udipi Hotel, Ganesh Bhuvan it said, and a waiter came out with a glass of water. He yelled and the proprietor spoke to him in Marathi and told the waiter to give him a cup of tea.
He sipped the tea and looked up at me and waved again. I waved back and then watched as the owner of the hotel gave him half a coconut. He waved the stick at the owner who stepped back in mock fear. They both laughed and the village idiot went on his way.He looked up again. I waved this time and he laughed out loud and pointed to me.
The people looked up, I felt less self-conscious this time. Suddenly I felt happy, because I was that idiot. I realized I could also walk like him with a smile on my face. I know people will ask me “Why smile? What’s the reason?”
“Nothing” I say, “Just feeling happy!” “Be careful.” “Of what?” “Of the morrow, of uncertainties, of fears, disasters!” I smile and walk because my God looks after my morrow. My God pushes fears away. My God guides me over disasters.
I am sure car tyre will have a puncture, I am sure there will be problems, but the One above helps me deal with it. It is not that my cash does not get over; He helps me live with less. It is not that life has no struggles; It becomes His struggle too. The village idiot was down there again. He looked up and waved. I waved back. He went back to Ganesh Bhuvan.
The owner came out, pretended to box him, a waiter came out with a plate of puris..! He wolfed it down, then waved his stick at owner who cowed down again in mock fear. I laughed. They both saw me and laughed with me.
A God above laughed. He laughs as He gives me contentment. He smiles as he give me peace. He hugs me and gives me joy. The hotel owner gave the idiot a friendly pat. God gave me a bear hug. “You are my idiot Bob…!”
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