God drove my car today..!

T’was for a moment, my tired eyes closed, and when I opened them there was someone sitting in the drivers seat. “God!,” I exclaimed , “what are you doing in my car?” “Hush,” said the Lord, “let me sit beside you and drive you home.” “No,” I said, “you should sit behind and let me drive.” “Bob,” smiled the Lord, “let’s go.”
I sat in the car beside my Lord and wished I had cleaned it. The car started and it seemed the Lord was quite an expert. There was an old jalopy in front. The grey haired owner was lighting a cigarette and trundling along.
“Blow your horn God,” I shouted, “the stupid fellow doesn’t know who you are.” The Lord smiled at me and smiled at the man. The man looked at Him and nodded, then ever so slowly moved his ancient machine to the side, a look of askance on his face. The Lord smiled at him and smiled at his ancient car.
I looked back, the old man was smiling. “I suppose he knows who we are now,” said the Lord. I put down my head. It started to rain. I saw the Lord drawing the car towards a bus stop. “Come on in,” He said to a wet old woman. “Come in,” He called to a filthy man. “Step in,” said the Lord to a miserable drunk. “Lord,” I protested, “they’re dirty.”
God looked at me and smiled, “I see no dirt, Bob,” He said, “they’re clean inside, even cleaner than you!” The car drove on and the Lord dropped the people off one by one. I watched them as they went away, smiling at the Lord. There was a difference, I was the one who felt dirty. I watched the Lord as He drove. There was ease and confidence and power. I watched Him smile at the people around Him. I watched them smile back at Him. I slid down in my seat and smiled happily to myself, it was good to have God with me…
And then I heard the sound. “God,” I said, “there’s someone on top of the car.” “I know,” said the Lord, “he’s been there from the time we started. He is more used to sitting with you in the car than out of it though.” “Who’s he?” I whispered.
“Why your good old satanic friend,” God replied. “He’s usually driving the car with you as you shout and yell and cuss everyone, and now he feels this is his permanent seat!” I looked at God, and His eyes were sad. “I want you here with me always,” I shouted, “don’t leave me ever.” The Lord smiled as He said to me, “The choice Bob is yours..!” .

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