God Bless America

Mohammad Ashraf Azim

IT was no metaphor. The Beast (presidential limousine) was carrying President Obama and the president-elect Donald Trump to the Capitol Hill. The personification of two opposite and almost antagonistic ideologies of governance and politics were stting at one place; hardly anyone would know if they were warmly talking to each other or were quiet most of their journey. The one unified the mostly dithering Americans during his eight years at the White House.
The other had won the confidence of the majority of sixty-seven percent white people of the country , standing for the first time so emphatically representing their class and ambitions. Trump’s victory as president has predominantly been hoisted by the assertion of the will of the white man. The millions other have been alienated in the process.
The inaugural ceremony was itself a manifestation of this expression. Rows and rows of people filled with American pro-Trump supporters; and hardly a few black, or Hispanics were visible in the throngs. Trump ‘ s speech was acerbic and delivered with a heavy pinch of salt. It was not presidential, to say the least. It lacked magnanimity, sensitivity and vision.
His victory speech was a lot better than this verbiage. He has often been dubbed as racist, sexist and xenophobic. This was the time he could dispel some of the notions against him, squarely. He could have delivered a message of goodwill , hope and fraternity to the American people across the boardPicking up just a couple of women in the cabinet, did not signal a promising jesture towards the large and dynamic half of American population. Comparethis with fifteen positions for women in the Candaian cabinet of thirty ministers. The unprecedented women rallies througout U.S and globally, denouncing Trump sexist and xenophobic views,the very next day of the inauguration, is indicative of the overall perception of the new President. America first is a nice slogan and catch -line but when you are also addressing the world at large, an empathetic expression for the global community was very much in order.
The countries of the world have no doubt benefited,as he pointed out, from America, but nonetheless, they have also terribly suffered at the hands of American short sightedness and self interest. Al-Qaeda and ISIL are the handiwork of America. The Taliban and the so-called jihadists were brazenly created , promoted and prompted by the U.S administrations. One can vividly recall the image of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former National Security Advisor, taking an aim with an AK-47, at the Soviet Union , while standing on the Pak- Afghan border in early eighties. This was the harbinger of American incursion anoccupation in th region on the prtext of fighting the menace communism . The Iran -Iraq war, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, in recent history, were all planned, premeditated and strategised by American jingoism.
The terrorism, as we understand it today and suffer from , was brought forth by creating, inciting and blatantly helping jihadist groups through successive American initiatives. Donald Trump’s vow to eliminate the “radical Islamic terrorism” may serve as a policy ploy for his domestic audiences ;however, it castss large shadows of ill will by juxtaposing religion with any strand of terrorism.
No religion, worth the name, does that. By his pronouncement, Trump has once again invited the ire of his fellow Muslim Americans. They have been exposed to a great risk of hate crimes by linking them with their Islamic identity in a dubious way.
Dwindling job market and economy are no doubt the biggest troubling issues facing Americans. The middle class has suffered a major brunt during the great recession of current American history. Their jobs have been largely outsourced and the American wealth has been increasingly relocated overseas in the shape of factories and investment in assets. It was the main platform for the Trump election strategy that paid dividends to him.
It would be heartening for Americans to watch howecwr,Trump bringing a paradigm shift to benefit the deprived millions . The shops, plazas and malls as well as factories and businesses need to be rehabilitated for the average Americans. Trump ‘s election rhetoric of making America great again faces it’s real challenge starting his inauguration day.
Donald Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements have been sending tremors to the capitals of the world, excepting Russia. One China policy, NATO, European Union, TPP, NAFTA, Iran deal, Israel , settlements, two states, nuclear disarmament, Soviet expansionism, and all these issues are embroiled and dipped into a deluge of uncertainty. The world is aghast with all kinds of conjectures and raw estimations . It would be good thinking that America is stabilized before it attempts to stabilize the world.
Let th policies of the incominadministration be crystalised and communicated unambiguously to the nation’s around the world so that they could eview totheir relationships with the new America. This only could be in the best interests of American people and the people of the world.—Email

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