Go to sleep sir..!

VERY often, when a particular political leader in our country is criticized, we are told rather harshly, “But he’s a hardworking man! He hardly ever sleeps!” What one is supposed to feel after that is a sense of guilt that somebody is working very, very hard, while others are sleeping or lazing around, or maybe that’s the impression he has of everybody else. I decided to find out:
“Yawn!” “Sir you have been working for a full hour without having a nap!” said his PA. “Yawn! Doesn’t Rahul work like this?” “What are you saying sir? He simply goes to Parliament sir, he addresses crowds, he makes press statements!” “So, I am the only hardworking leader who just worked one full hour at my desk!” “Sir, nobody works like you sir!” “What about Sonia?” “Ha, ha, ha!” “What is so funny?” “Sir, she only has meeting with chief ministers, secretaries, joint secretaries, MPs, MLAs, then attends Parliament!” “My God, she should learn to work hard like me!”
“Sir, nobody works hard like you sir!” “And what about Trump? Hey why are you crying?” “It is very sad sir! Very sad. All the time you are working, that man Trump, he is President of the United Sates sir, he is sleeping in his bed in the White House” “Good Lord no!” “Yes sir, I will call and you just see sir! Hello! Hello! I Trump sahib there? Oh he is sleeping!” “He is sleeping now?”
“He is sleeping, and sir, much worse, all America is sleeping!” “So while I was working for one full hour, 300 million Americans were sleeping?” “Still sleeping sir, and Canadians too sir, and also in the evening if you work, all Australians are sleeping and even New Zealand sir! You are a very hardworking man sir, working while everybody is sleeping!”
“You must tell the nation this!” said the leader. “We have already told sir! Everybody knows you are working while all are sleeping! But sir, Indian people are saying, maybe you should sleep sir!” “Go to sleep huh? They feel I am not getting enough rest? They are so concerned for my health huh?” “Yes sir! They are saying, when you are awake, demonetization takes place, GST is introduced, new taxes come and take away their savings. Sleep sir!” “What time is it?”
“Eleven o clock in the morning sir!” said the people of India wearily, “Good time to sleep sir, then stock market will rise, real estate move up, middle class feel happy, people eat what they want, not be afraid to speak, lynching stop, intolerance decrease! Sleep sir, sleep, it’s eleven in morning and the nation wants you to sleep..!”

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