‘Gluco Ki JLC’ comes to a close with phenomenal sessions

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Karachi—Gluco Ki JLC came to an end in Karachi Sunday. The 3-day leadership conference is an annual conference organized each year by School of Leadership, and supported by EBM. This has been the 8th year of JLC, and the 3rd year of a partnership with Gluco.
The day was moderated by Waqar Ali, a lead trainer at SoL, and revolved around the participants sharing and showcasing all they had learned and created over the past two days of the conference. During ‘Make a Difference’, Waqar Ali addressed the participants inviting them to reflect on, discover and explore the power they hold to make an impact in the world.
This was followed by a panel discussion titled ‘Versus to Together’, led by Shireen Naqvi, Umair jaliawala, and Dr. Moiz Hussain. The segment was conducted as a dialogue with parents to engage them in constructive discourse about their expectations, problems and the roles they play in children’s lives.
Zahrrs Theatre then offered a brilliant performance for the participants, which was followed by lunch with mentors from EBM. A gallery walk put on display all that the participants had worked on the previous day.
Mansoor Soomro delivered a keynote session ‘Change Equals to Good’, to emphasize the fact that change need not be something to fear, that often change can lead to something even better. Waqar Ali then took the stage a for session that encapsulated the purpose of the myriad of activities, sessions, simulations, field visits, panel discussions and exercises held throughout the conference.

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