Gloom not escalate Pakistan

Naveed Aman Khan

Islamabad High Court ordered government to clear Faizabad sit in by any means necessary as extremist protesters threatened interior minister of ‘Salman Taseer like’ fate. Court also ordered police to seek support from Rangers and FC for clearance operation. Protesters decided to continue and refused to abandon protest even after the intervention of the Supreme Court. Khatm e Nabuwwat is ultimate faith and belief of every Muslim. None of the true Muslim think of going against clear belief of Khatm e Nabuwwat. Changing the word solemnly for affirm was a serious matter. Who dared to initiate this and what was the objective behind? Still it is govt’s obligation to probe and sentence the concerned. The matter is still there . It is not yet over.
Veteran politician Raja Zafar ul haq will have to show wisdom and find out those involved in this serious mischief. It is again responsibility of all Pakistanis to honour abiding constitution. When Taliban refused to honour constitution and Supreme Court of Pakistan every one logically stood up against their illogical stance but when Musharraf being Army Chief, Nawaz Sharif after his removal from premiership, Imran khan as leader of political party refused to honor constitution Mullas came out and refused to honour orders of Islamabad High Court and even Supreme Court of the country. Such turmoil situation gives ways to our day one foes and terrorists. Just imagine during three days three terrorist attacks took the precious lives of Pakistanis including police officials. When every one is seen pulling legs of the other enemy finds the passage keeping eyes on the vacuum . Worst underestimated operational planning is seen against sit in mullas. Operation was total failure. It reflected shallow planning and lack of coordination among different departments and security forces. Authority of Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal was seen on zero level. The power of Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal was booted first time when he was entering in court premises in Nawaz Sharif accountability case. When he reached there he saw khakis cordoning the court without taking prior permission from him . Being Interior Minister he was halted by gun holding soldier . He refused to let Interior Minister enter the premises of the court. It happened when Rangers reached to stand by Court without his permission. Again when government requested armed forces for assistance to handle the worsening situation it was refused. This is how a nuclear great state is being run by the government and the armed forces.
Even think of following the final warning by Islamabad Capital Territory Administration, a massive number of protesters gathered at Faizabad interchange that seemingly put the government’s plan of crackdown into question, as they started hurling threats to Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal not to opt use of force or else he could face fate similar to that of former Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer. Whereas Islamabad High Court on Friday ordered the administration to take all necessary steps to clear the blocked interchange by 10 pm (Saturday), as religious zealots refused to abandon their sit-in until the Supreme Court takes notice of the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat oath issue. Different groups of protesters wielded batons, iron rods, guns and masks. While police personnel with limited number and resources, seemed helpless to take action against the illiterate furious protestors, the situation was so serious that a minor incident could lead to another Model Town like incident because the protestors were adamant and not ready to budge an inch from their key demands come what may. Throughout the day, three Pakistan Army helicopters have been hovering over the area where Tehreek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah staged their sit-in for its political benefits. It was again worst example of using religion for open political gains not mere that issue they were chanting for twenty-two days. Unfortunately another mullah came out using religion with his new religious interpretation of Islam. Devotees of Golra, Bari Imam, Eid Gah, Mohrra and other famous shrines armed with batons and iron rods joined Tehreek-e-Labbaik agitators after Friday prayers. Their objective remained the same as ever to de-seat Law Minister Zahid Hamid and also punish others involved in the recent change in the elections bill. Their large numbers landed the capital’s administration in trouble . They seemed perplexed as how to conduct an operation against them. However, only 8,000 law enforcers including Rangers, Frontier Constabulary and police were deputed to tackle the situation.
Very well but what about disgusting sit in of Imran khan and Qadri earlier. Again what about when Imran khan was to lock down Islamabad. Should Imran and Qadri had not been delt the same way? This mullah protest is in fact followed by Imran and Qadri sit-in for 126 long days in 2014 . was that sit in causing less trouble to millions of Pakistanis? Perhaps during 126 days sit in of Imran Khan songs and dances of girls amid D-Chowk coloured the protestors com spectators. Perhaps mullahs were making their sit in rapidly colourless only relying mere mean abuses. Use of substandard and vulgar language by Pakistani Politicians and Mullas have badly ruined Pakistani society. It has given very bad name to Pakistan. A worldly known , well reputed and highly influential magazine Newsweek has decorated its current week title page with headline “ The most dangerous nation of the world is not Iraq. It’s Pakistan “. Is this our recognition on international level? Who portrayed this ugly picture. All responsible will have to seriously think of it. Only CPEC and nuclear deference can not change the fate of the country and the nation. These are behaviours , ways of thinking and acting which will make Pakistani nation as untouched.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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