Global climate changes leading to major disasters: Prof Koyro

Staff Reporter

Karach—Prof. Hans-Werner Koyro from Geissen University Germany on Sunday said that, “Global climate changes are leading to major disasters such as flooding, drought and salinization.”
“These environmental changes are threatening to cause major food crises for the growing world population. In many countries such as Germany and Brazil there is increasing tendency to use food crops like maize and sugar cane to produce biofuel,” he said.
“However, the food versus fuel dilemma has to be addressed in order to ensure food security for growing world population. In order to meet these changes, there is a need to find biological solutions,” he added.
According to a press release, he expressed these views at the two-day International Workshop entitled “Sustainable Development and Environment Protection” organized by the Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization, University of Karachi with the financial support of Pakistan Academy of Science and University of Karachi.

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