Girls’ problem

Unfortunately, though we are progressing towards a better tomorrow as a nation but still as an individual we are not contributing our part in some important divisions of our life which surely creates problems for the upcoming lives. Here I am quoting about the ladies of our society who are still looking for a girl who is tall with fair complexion and knows household chores rather than how able is she to educate her son’s children. As a girl I know many of these ladies but I don’t feel bad about them because that’s how they are and they will remain like this. I feel bad for their sons who are well-educated and intellectual but they even believe in those dreamy characteristics of a girl. Instead of having so many choices they fail to choose one as their life-partner. I know as a Muslim our belief is that marriages are made in heavens but in reality we have turned it into a hell for a girl especially if it’s an arranged marriage. Enough of excuses are made after the first meeting and then 2nd or even 3rd meetings are arranged to make it more complicated. It’s a request to all the social-elevated ladies to stop making a girl guilty of her looks, house, parents, social status etc by visiting them because they are not the toys which you used to opt from the shop in your son’s childhood.

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