Girls in danger

Sultan Hasil

Child marriage remains a destructive problem for the prosperity of a nation. Child marriages had caused numerous issues and situations to the physical and mental behavior of girls; furthermore, every second in the world an underaged girl is married. It identifies that in every seven second a girl is thrown into a quagmire of married life. Even though they are not only put in a quagmire, but also they are being taken away from educational institutions.
The UNICEF call child marriage- a curse. Nearly 15 million girls under the age of 18 are married each year. Pakistan ranks in 15 countries where under-age marriages take place. In the final nail, I wanna to pen down that such actions amount to violation of women rights. So as to get the problem sorted out , there is an urgent need to protect the girls from early age marriages.
—Turbat, Balochistan

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