Ghost schools & teachers

Article 25-A of the constitution, which says the state “shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to 16 years in such a manner as may be determined by law”. Unfortunately state has failed to implement article in true spirit as Balochistan is in bad governance for many decades which has caused low literacy rate in the province. The provincial governments have come and completed their terms by just making political slogans of promoting education and brining reforms in the education sector. However, nothing real has happened. The rich province is in state of poor education. Its education sector is in crisis. On the other hand, it is said that CPEC will change the fate of Balochistan. The irony is that such slogans cannot improve anything in the natural resources rich province unless problem-stricken province gets good governance under leadership of dynamic leaders. Even the concerned authorities have received reports that there are approximately 10,000 ghost teachers in Balochistan and a majority of government school teachers remain absent from the duty andmany ghost schools only exist on papers. Somehow this illegal practice is continuing in connivance with some senior officials of the education department and political parties. It is a matter of great concern that such ghost schools receive funding but have no teachers or students and some teachers get salaries while sitting at home which has impeded raising literacy rate in Balochistan. Ghost teachers and ghost schools are responsible of educational crisis of the Province; Government of Balochistan should start crackdown on an emergency basis without any delay to remove ghost schools and dismiss ghost teachers across the Balochistan.

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