Ghinwa apologises to Jemima over misinformed tweet



Ghinwa Bhutto, on Monday, apologised to PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Jemima Goldsmith over a misconstrued tweet. The former responded to a picture of Jemima and her two kids, which she assumed was clicked in Israel.
Keeping in mind the existing tensions between Pakistan and Israel on the Palestine issue, Ghinwa wrote, ‘Imran Khan’s family on a visit to the apartheid state of Israel. What does this mean to Pakistan?’
To this, Jemima responded, ‘that photo was taken on a family holiday in Mexico and we are wearing ponchos. This kind of ignorance and fear mongering is dangerous. Please stop.’
She further added, ‘this tweet is staggeringly ignorant and would be funny if it weren’t dangerous. The photo is taken on a family holiday in Mexico (not Israel) and we are wearing ponchos (not Jewish religious dress) Ghinwa Bhutto – shame on you.’ Ghinwa then apologised to the 44-year-old’s tweet.—INP

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