Ghani in a state of self-denial

ACCUSING that attack on American University in Kabul was ‘orga
nised and orchestrated’ from Pakistan, the Afghan President Ashraf
Ghani has demanded Islamabad to take serious measures against terrorists. After a meeting of the Afghan National Security Council, he called for practical steps against those behind terrorist attack.
The diatribe of the Afghan President against Pakistan is reflective of growing anti-Pakistan sentiments in Kabul despite serious and consistent efforts of Pakistan to remove misgivings and promote ties between the two countries. The very fact that the Afghan leader thought it appropriate to go public accusing Pakistan within few hours of the attacks is indicative of India-like approach in reacting to terrorist incidents. Afghanistan shared three mobile phone numbers with Pakistani authorities, Pak Army moved swiftly and carried out combing operation in the suspected areas and found nothing to substantiate Kabul allegations that the attack was handled from Pakistan. Ghani also talked to COAS General Raheel Sharif, who expressed serious concern over attacks and categorically stated that Pakistan would not allow its soil to be used for terrorist activities against any other country. However, it is to be noted that it is beyond the capacity of Pakistan to effectively man the porous border between the two countries or keep a vigil on movement of each and every individual. What Pakistan could do is already doing and, in fact, Afghanistan is not cooperating in regulating cross-border movements because of vested interests. Secondly, if all terrorist attacks in Afghanistan are master-minded in and supported from Pakistan then the question arises who carries out frequent and deadly terrorist attacks in different areas of Pakistan. Who attacked Levies in Gwadar on Thursday? Thirdly, the latest accusations from Kabul came when Pakistan once again reminded Afghanistan not to allow India to use its soil for anti-Pakistan activities. There are also reasons to be believed that Indian agencies, which have a substantial presence in Afghanistan, might be involved in such dastardly attacks in their bid to deflect world attention away from burning Occupied Kashmir. We believe that instead of raising accusing fingers towards Pakistan, Afghanistan should take sincere and serious measures to promote intra-Afghan dialogue and national reconciliation.

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