Ghani expressed concern on PM, NAB chief meeting


Zafar Ahmed Khan

Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Local government Saeed Ghani has expressed his concern over the meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan and chairman NAB, we condemn such meeting. Referring to the relations between center and the province he said it depends on how much serious is Federal government to give constitutional rights to the province and If Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf provides genuine rights to the province than relations could be better and strong.
He said while Imran Khan Prime Minister is not living at Premiers house expenses have further increased as expenses of Prime Minister House are still there. There are flaws in all the systems but there was always a room for making improvement, he pointed out.
While Speaking to Media at Hyderabad press club on Friday, Saeed Ghani said care taker government had made transfers and postings but we have not made as the reason was that we wanted to gauge the performance of the officers. To accuse one for corruption and do corruption are separate issues.
Ghani said that if anyone has anything wrong about officers or himself should share and would take action but evidence was essential. No action would be take on the complaint of dick tom and harry, he assured..
Minister said present local government system has been in Sindh by Sindh assembly and If Imran Khan wanted to bring some other local government system should adopt in his own provinces cannot intervene in Sindh, he stressed
He said it is unfortunate that Prime Minister Imran Khan has not visited the Mausoleum of Quad-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah since last ten days have passed, it cannot happen whenever he desires would visit the mazar, it is highly condemnable act.
He said protocol and security are two different things when there was our government we had said this they never accepted. There are additional expenses of Helicopter from Bani Gala. Time will show the expenses were raised by the previous ones, he said.

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