Get up PEMRA, get up

M Murtaza Zishan

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) was apparently established for safeguarding and protecting the national interests and ensuring that nothing hostile, negative and subversive goes on the air through ever-increasing TV channels. But PEMRA in all fairness seems to be more concerned about ensuring that nothing is aired by TV channels against the rulers, their family members and the Ministers. PEMRA has just embarked on another self-claimed important task of switching present Analog Cable to Digital Cable in 12 major cities of the country and has fixed September 30, 2016 as the deadline after which Analog Cable will not be of any use and the prices of digital box have already started rising. PEMRA is not concerned at the same time as to what is being aired by cable networks throughout the country. Latest Indian films, full of Indian propaganda and advocating Indian policies and hostilities towards Pakistan as well as Indian culture and traditions, are being aired by cable networks with Indian Film Censor Board certificates, which is highly objectionable and against the laws of the land. Is PEMRA sleeping and not aware as to what is being aired almost round the clock through cable networks with Indian Film Board’s censor certificates and these Indian films, not censored by Pakistan Censor Board, are reaching increasing number of households throughout the country; and our traditions, values and culture are being trampled mercilessly and ruthlessly? There is another unfortunate part of the story that the Indian feature films, smuggled or imported in the absence of any formal trade agreement between the two countries, are being released in the cinemas only after these are censored and duly issued a certificate by Central Board of Film Censors of Pakistan government. Needless to mention here that the vested interests for their petty commercial interests have already, for last many years, put the local cinema industry at the mercy of Indian film industry as more and more and still more Indian films are being released in Pakistani cinema houses without any check and control whatsoever, and are encroaching upon every Pakistani household with the courtesy of unruly Cable Operators.

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