Get rid of plastic pollution

END Plastic Pollution was the theme of this year’s Earth Day observed on Saturday. The theme was very pertinent especially in the context of Pakistan where the use of these not very easily degradable plastic bags is still on the surge to alarming proportions. According to some estimates, billions of plastic shopping bags are being used each year in the country while their use is increasing 15% per annum.
In his message on Earth Day, Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah pointed out that Plastic pollution is poisoning our oceans and land, greatly harming marine life and our own health. Indeed the issue of plastic pollution along the country’s coastal areas is a major concern and is worsening due to an inadequate solid waste disposal system in all cities and towns. WWF-Pakistan studies revealed that 65% of garbage that littered beaches along Pakistan’s coast consist of plastics, which includes mineral water bottles, caps, polythene bags, balloons, wrappers, shoes, broken utensils and discarded fishing nets. It also indicated that the number of incidents of marine animals trapped in plastic products in the sea is increasing rapidly .In addition these bags are also choking up our sewage and drainage systems. The situation warrants urgent action to keep the environment clean from this nuisance. Besides introducing bio-degradable bags, it is also for the people to avoid use of the plastic bags which also poses serious threat to their health.

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