Get PhDs trained in China also

IN what could be called a future building initiative for development and growth of the country, the government has chalked out a comprehensive roadmap to get ten thousand PhDs trained in the universities of United States especially in the areas of science & technology and engineering. Spelling out details of the programme in Washington, Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said talks are being held with different US universities as well as the administration to realise this goal to be achieved in next ten years.
Both Pakistan and the US have been collaborating in education and research sector over the past many decades with Washington offering many scholarship programmes to Pakistani students in different fields including science, technology, agriculture and business. These programmes definitely provided the much-needed platform to our students to acquire education in specialised fields at world class US universities. However, we believe that instead of putting all our eggs in one basket we need to explore the opportunities existing in China and other developed countries to equip our young generation with latest scientific innovations. There is no doubt that the US, as is also acknowledged and accepted by China, is far ahead in some fields of science and technology as compared to other countries and some of its achievements are just matchless. But in our view, Beijing has also achieved major advancements and excellence in different realms of science and technology which has also been recognised worldwide. In fact, Beijing does not in any manner lags behind any Western country when it comes to scientific research. Even if we compare China with America, the figures reflect that Chinese government is spending a larger portion of its GDP on research and development than the US does. Given the progresses made by Beijing in scientific research and keeping in view our ever growing bilateral relations, Pakistan should also consider sending a major chunk of its students for higher education and doctorate degrees to the neighbouring country. Since both the countries are working on several mega projects particularly the CPEC, it will be more productive for us to get Chinese trained scientists and engineers for the full utilisation of these projects. This would also take our bilateral relations to new heights.

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