GET Fair 2018 at Generation’s School

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The GET Fair 2018 held at Generations’ School, South Campus on Wednesday, was an amazing experience. This year Generation’s School’sGET Fair amalgamated the annual GET Inspired, which focuses on scientific innovation, STEM education,and robotics, with the Education Fair, which focuses on raising student aspirations specifically for their choices of universities and programmes of study.The two strands of the GET Fair were a crowd gatherer!
GET Inspired hasthree components: The Generian Lego League, Exhibition of Innovation, and Trendsetters. In the first component, Generian Lego League’s theme, Into the Orbit, presented a challenging robot game. Students had to program the robot to perform tasks,and each movement of the robots carried points in time. It was a race against time as each activity was allowed 2.5 minutes for successful execution!
The ambiance of the robot game arena wasinspiring. The participating teams displayed prototypes of their innovative solutions for the problem they identified in Space Travel, and vividly explained the function of their inventions, which they had been researching for more than two months.
The teams’ performanceevaluatedin four categories: Project Research, Core Values, Robot Design,and Robot Game, was a thrilling experience. The Robot Game field mat captivated the visitors’ attention the most: the audience surrounded the field table, with looks of awe on their faces.
The second component, Exhibition of Innovationstirred ambition and love for innovation in the youth, honoring historical Muslim scientists like Ibn-e-Rushd, and setting goals to grow theirinnovative aptitude. Students, dressed-up like scientists from our rich Muslim heritage, personified these scientists in theworld oftechnologywhile representing their innovations and discoveries.To the delight of all tech-lovers,various universities like NUST displayed their formula car; Sir Syed presented six prestigious projects regarding air works, and NED’s team Rocket showcased their Unmanned Spacecraft!The Exhibition of Innovation was truly inspiring!

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