Germany to have longer festival this year

Salahuddin Haider

FEDERAL Republic of Germany, which, earlier with French cooperation, and later for last several years had been having a prolonged cultural festival in Karachi, has planned a much longer event this year. Starting from 10th October till mid-December, a variety of cultural, literary, even Sindh Culture Day will be the highlights. Such an activity over the years, has greatly helped promote people to people contact, and in fact after the multi-lateral Karachi Literature Festival, which is now an annual event on the calendar, the German cultural weeks is second most important, and gained appreciation of the people.
German consul General Eugen Wollfarth, along with director of the German cultural canter, called Goethe Institute, which has been active in Karachi for almost half a century, announced to a crowded press conference emphasized that in the modern world. Cultural exchange and dialogue are essential component of international relations. The consulate and Goethe institute therefore are bringing exciting and interesting events to Karachi, which will enthuse and stimulate the festive dwellers of this great city.
Eugen and Winkler were happy to emphasize, ‘cultural exchange is important part of life in Germany. It is a wonderful way to exchange people in a positive manner’ He added that this year’s German Weeks, as is titled this time, offer a great line-up for people from all walks of life. Covering a wide range of themes, the event will begin with the history world war 1, A third German Football Cup, the annual meeting of the German-Pakistani chambers of commerce meeting, a quiz contest with students of, and a classical musical concert by German musical group’ Trio Aust’next month will be to her highlights. Eugen Wollfarth, next to his assignment in Karachi, is a remarkable man, humble and courteous, always a pleasant smile lighting his face, and tremendous conversations, mixed up with media persons at the Karachi Press Club, which showed his free mixing habit and a tremendous asset to his art of diplomacy.
He seems determined to inject new spirits in Pak-German relations, cultural, and economic, as well as political. A folder distributed on the occasion laid stress German academic day during which students, keen to study in Germany which is already the most popular destination among international students, will exchange notes with the Director of DAAD office in Islamabad Dr Inge Iqbal. Goethe institute will open its doors to those keen on learning German language and get acquainted with important European State A spelling bee competition, music concert by Wolfgang Haffner, Euorpe’s most popular Jazz drummer.
He will be second time performing in Karachi, which surely will be a matter of delight for music lovers. From 22n to 25th October, PASCH film festival Frnaco-German concert’ Stradivaria’ will be another great attraction, a lecture from by Ingo Espenchied on Franco-German friendship for 100 years since world war-1 , is bound to be a model for India-Pakistan relations, an exhibition by OTTO Dix on ‘war and socialism’ and annual chamber meeting of German-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce will be some other events on the list.

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