German festival will have special features: CG

Salahuddin Haider

IN pursuance of its declared policy to maintain peace and harmony in the world, Federal Republic of Germany is again organizing 9-week festival in Karachi from Oct 11 to December 17 with unique events like a lecture of religious harmony by an eminent scholar, and sufi music concert, the German consul general in Karachi Rainer Schmiedchen announced here Thursday afternoon, saying with tremendous confidence that security situation has improved in Karachi substantially, proven by the presence of so many participants from his country.
His declaration was a message loud and clear to many a foreign companies and diplomatic missions who still are apprehensive of the peaceful conditions in Pakistan’s biggest city of 20 million souls, living fearlessly even during the unearthly hours of late night or the till dawn break.
Emphasising that his country devoted substantial importance to cultural promotion as means to promote world peace, Rainer, who was flanked by the Director of German cultural center Goethe Institute Stefan Winkler, and the fresh addition to the consulate Ingolf Vogel, consular attaché for cultural and economic affairs, genuinely took pride in stressing that Germany has been having these festivals in Pakistan for a quite a number of years now. It has become an annual feature now.
Opening with a keenly awaited lecture by reputed scholar on church history Dr Gury Schnieder-Ludorff on Oct 11 at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, the ‘German weeks’ as it is titled, will wind up with the 60th anniversary of Goethe Institute in Pakistan. In between musical concerts, including one on musical evening of mysticism, called the ‘Sufi Night’ by renowned musician Kashif Zafar, supported by Wasim Frembgen, a German expert on mysticism, will present a selection of famous qawwalis. It will thus be clear that this year’s festival will have something for almost everyone interested in art, cultural music, history lectures etc and is bound to be a roaring success. Prof Dr Schneider Ludorff is a theologian and has been the chair for church history and dogmatic theology at the Augustana University Neuendettelsau (Bavaria) since 2005. This year, which is also called the beginning of the Reformation 500 years ago, is being commemorated in Europe and especially in Germany? Without the impulse which were set at that time, today’s Europe, with its cultural manifestation and political convictions,, would be inconceivable and incomprehensible. Prof Dr Schnieden lecture will highlight the importance of Martin Luther King’s translation of the Bible into German, the first of its kind, which encouraged people from different layers of society to read by themselves and to discuss their insights, to create a better community, pleasing to God. The professor will lecture at religious harmony as instrument of peace around the world.
A raggabund, music workshop and concert, German spelling bee competition, competitions in different fields, a football match for second German Consulate Cup, film festival 2017/18, documentary film screening, German language learning, German academic day, book launch on Pakistan Now, introduction of the all new BMW 5 car series, CTV networking event, annual chamber meeting of CPCCI, which had worked beautifully over the years in promoting economic ties between Pakistan and Germany.
Rainer emphasized that cultural exchange is important part of public diplomacy of Germany. It is a tool to engage people in a positive way. The German weeks offer a great line-up of events for people from all walks of life. The Director of the German Goethe Institute Stefan Winkler said that an exhibition known as ‘FACTORY’ the German pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 would be brought to Karachi for people to benefit from that.

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