Genocide of Rohingyas

The symbol of independence and liberal thought Aung San Suu Kyi is dipped in Rohingyas’ killing. She has become a party to genocide of Muslims. The Buddhist nationalists and militants have killed thousands f Rohingyas in an organized manner and thousands of others forced to flea for safety. Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is wearing the crown of insult is prominent among others. She has silently acquiesced in the crime. She seems to be unconcerned about moral ethics and principles. She has disappointed millions of her fans the world over. It has been revealed that titles and awards do not change a person. Can Suu Kyi or her country stop this genocide of the Muslims? The world community has finally woken up and taken notice of this genocide. But this notice is limited to only words and no action has been taken so far.
Myanmar’s government has blocked the media with Iron Curtain. But even then it has been bringing the stories of terror and fear to the light. Social media has done a good job to bring the plight of the Rohingyas. The murders continue. Women have been raped and tortured in the worst form. Violence against them remains unabated. Myanmar is an ideological country. This region has become a centre of tension between China and America. But the severe violation of human rights can not be ignored. The Sate of Myanmar is not allowing the media to prepare reports and display them in the public. Myanmar’ border is adjacent to India and Bangladesh whose track record is not impressive enough to warrant anything good from them. UN must act to stop this genocide at once.

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