Genocide in Myanmar

The United Nations was created in 1945 to promote international cooperation and maintain world peace. It was to replace the ineffective “League of Nations” that failed to prevent World War II. It has nearly 200 members and is considered one of the most powerful intergovernmental world organizations. In the past 72 years the UN policies and actions have been discursive and irresolute. This resulted in the failure to stop a number of wars and many instances of genocide. It was mostly because of credible information arriving too late at the UN office.
This time around it is the local Buddhist activists and the Myanmar Army that are inflicting a gruesome genocide on their own Rohingya population, just because the Rohingya follow a different religion than Buddhism. But this time around the times have changed. Due to internet and mobile cameras, hundreds of pictures and videos of Rohingya children, women and adults getting tortured and killed are circulating on social media, as proof of the methodical killing of innocent civilians.
Therefore this time around the United Nations can act quickly to stop this endemic from proliferating into another religious war. They should send in observers, reporters and UN forces to ensure no human rights are violated and this turmoil is ended in such a way that it appeases the population and removes the Stigma of Genocide from the Myanmar face. The UN should also stop any opportunist organization or country from selling arms to Myanmar, which is under sanctions from USA and EU.
If the United Nations fails to take potent and exigent action on this occasion, then the members of UN and the nations of the world can misconstrue the real purpose of the UN. Can the UN ensure Peace and Human Rights across the globe, or is it just another development and disaster response organization? Should the members of UN consider creating another organization which can ensure wars and genocide do not happen in the member nations?

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