Generosity of Sun

The generosity of finding satisfaction in the satisfaction of others is the key to happiness. The harmony of the whole universe is in generous spreading and not in coiling up. A river dies if it stops flowing. In the poem, “Stagnant Water”, Ellie Shelley wrote ~ “Water that stands still becomes a poisonous petri dish of parasites/No one, not even dogs can survive on it.” The egalitarian generosity of the sun is such that have-nots have a bigger share of it than the haves.
The sun is equally generous to all especially to those who live out in the open ~ poor people, flora and fauna. The burning sun gets comfort and reward in and identify itself with ~ the smile of sunflowers, dancing kids and the bodies that enjoy heavenly bliss in basking in its morning glory or melatonin – rich hypnotic noon or melancholic late afternoon. This is the moment the birds and animals feel that their amazingly generous friend is going to retire and they are to hide shut in a safe corner with a hope that they will again be able to see and feel the warmth of generosity in the universe.
The Mother (Mirra Alfassa) rightly says that if one were spread out in all things, if all the vibrations which come and go expressed the need to merge into everything, to widen oneself, grow, not by remaining within one’s limits but coming out of them, and finally to be identified with everything, one would no longer have anything to lose for one would have everything.

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