General perspective on toy guns

Syed Najaf Raza

I highly condemn the toyshops working today in local areas, because, you like it or not, they sell toy guns. My words might hurt their feeling but it’s true, we are damaging our own children; and how can we expect them to be a better citizen of our future society when we are giving them money to buy these types of things.
By this very small and cheap toy guns, which the children use to get attention of their friends but for some children this becomes a hobby and when, on growing up, they start to use real guns. When a good and educated child can become a gangster no one knows because we are one who motivate them to use these deadly weapons, by buying these toys for them.
These toys might not seem dangerous but this is just beginning of an end. This trend gives way to familiarization of the children at the very tender age, to use weapons which at a later stage becomes a life style for them. We are the ones who are to be blamed in this because if we won’t buy them these toy guns then we are doing a big favour to our society.
The parents are themselves the spoilers and it is teir responsibility to mould their children in positive pursuits. Don’t spoil your child, teach him / her to be a good human being, a loving soul, a responsible citizen, an educated young man and an obedient son/daughter to be a source of strength for you when in your old-age days.

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