General Hameed Gul convention held

Staff Reporter

Hameed Gul Convention has held on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of General Hamid Gul under the leadership of Tehrik-e-Jawanan Pakistan. Political and religious leaders including the Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan Muhammad Abdullah Gul addressed.
On this occasion, Abdullah Gul said in his speech that General Hamid is not physically with us but his ideology will always be alive. The participation of thousands of youth proves that there are hundreds of thousand ideological sons of Hameed Gul are around the world. TJP is struggling for a soft revolution. The youth will not allow anyone to raise pressure on honorable judiciary and its independence. Today, this function aims to convey the message to the corrupt elements that every young soldier of Tahreek-e-Jawan Pakistan will stand in order to protect the independence of honorable judiciary. We will not tolerate pressure on the judiciary. The resolution was also approved against the use of political pressure and humiliating language on the judiciary.
He said in his address that our struggle is a revolutionary but not election. We do not expect good from this system.

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